A Little Tease from The Blood Covenant, Book 1 in The Medici Warriors 6-book Series

A short teaser from The Blood Covenant:

Kate is dumbstruck by the tall, handsome man standing so near. Who is he? She hasn’t seen him at any of Rissa’s soirées before. He is tall ̶ over six feet ̶ imposing, intimidating. He makes her feel cornered and she feels her breath quicken. His voice is deep, and his thick Italian accent is disarming! He is breathtakingly handsome, distractingly handsome, wearing a suit clearly hand tailored to fit his frame. His hair is dark and long but tied back in a loose ponytail at his neck, and his blue eyes are piercing.

I cannot wait for release day, which is April 22, 2019. I hope you’ll grab a copy (it is over 700 pages). Until then, you can follow me on Facebook.