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The Turning, Book Two in The Medici Warrior Series!

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Immortality beckons, but only if she can survive the turning.

The Aries coven is wreaking havoc and must be stopped. Shattered by the loss of her half-breed infant, Kate seeks revenge. She pleads with her protector Luca, to train her to fight like a Medici warrior. Luca agrees but he must keep the dangerous training a secret from Kate’s lover Shade, or face Shade’s fury.

To protect his dynasty, Shade is forced to bring his own deadly warriors from Florence to retaliate against the growing threat of rogue vampire attacks. The stakes are high. Max, the master of the Aries coven has his eye on his own lovely mortal, Rissa. He lost her once to another powerful vampire Alec, and he’ll do anything to get her back, even if that means dangling Kate as bait and destroying Shade’s world.

Shade wants Kate safe. He also wants an heir to the Medici dynasty and the only path toward that goal is dangerous. The blood covenant made Kate stronger, but only the turning can make her immortal. There’s a great risk that his ultimate gift could kill her.

“The DANGEROUS ELEGANCE of these worldly wine and blood loving Medici warrior vampires and their mates is TOTALLY ADDICTIVE. I cannot wait for more.” – Katalina Leon, USA Today Bestselling Author

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