Fall From Grace Cover Reveal

Book 4 in the Medici Warrior Series

JR Ward and Laurell K. Hamilton fans will become enchanted with this deliciously dark and scandalous series by International Bestselling Author Emily Bex. It's everything vampire romances should be made of!
In Book Four of The Medici Warrior Series, continue the journey with Kate and Shade, your favorite ruling vampire couple.

Lorenzo discovers his mother isn’t the only one born with unique powers. The only problem will be learning to harness it.

Alec makes his final bid for political power and is prepared to take down anyone who stands in his way.

Max has lost everything, and there is nothing more dangerous than a vampire with nothing to lose. You won’t believe what happens when he returns to exact his revenge. Who remains standing, and how many will be sacrificed in their bid for power?

"Scorching", "riveting", and hailed as "the NEXT BIG THING", The Medici Warrior Series follows the exploits of a vampire dynasty that spans four generations in a multi-genre novel with elements of paranormal, smoldering romance, and historical fiction. Get your copy today! Your vampire king is waiting...

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#3 The Medici Queen

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Emily Bex is an avid life-long reader, and the international best-selling author of the epic six book paranormal romance series, Medici Warrior Series. As she says, “Why start small?” She worked for over twenty years in marketing, developing ad campaigns, catalogs, product launches and promotional literature. She figured if she could write creatively about products, then surely she could write something about these characters that were rattling around inside her brain.  She currently lives in Virginia, but has used her extensive love of travel, both foreign and domestic, to create the backdrop for her characters to play out their story.


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