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Never Met a Bookstore I Didn’t Like

I can’t walk past a bookstore without going inside. I prefer the quaint, independent shops with lots of nooks and crannies, but if I see a Barnes and Noble, I’ll go there too. I have gone out shopping and come home with shopping bags of books from different stores. I can wander for hours, to the point where my shopping companions give up, leave me there, and say they’ll find me later.

Have you been to England at Christmas?

I had the opportunity to visit England on many occasions, and on every trip, I’d try to think about how I could manage to live there permanently. It’s such a magical country, but then I’d think about how cold it gets (very), and how rainy it is (very), and decide my home in Virginia was better suited for this girl who must wear socks to stay warm even in the summer!

I was a huge fan of the late Anne Rice…

I was a huge fan of the late Anne Rice. I not only loved her stories, but I loved her writing style. She managed to weave her personal experiences into her works of fantasy, and in doing so, made the work feel more real.

Welcome to the Medici palace...

As I’ve noted in previous newsletters, I have used cities that I have visited or lived in for locales in The Medici Warrior Series, so as I wrote about them, I could reference actual places and capture the feel and the history of that place.

The lovers’ bridge…

I wanted to update you on a location I used in The Medici Warriors. As I have mentioned before, all of the sites I included in The Medici Warrior Series (except for their fictional homes) are real places. If you visit any of these cities, you can walk in the characters’ footsteps in these books…until now!

What about Luca?

Luca is a secondary character in the series. A “supporting actor,” if you will. I wrote the series about Shade and Kate’s journey through this paranormal romance, and of course, I needed the readers to connect with them emotionally. However, when creating all the characters for The Medici Warrior Series, I didn’t anticipate my fans' response and attachment to some of these secondary characters!

Fact vs Fiction…

I listened to music on shuffle last week, and a song from Phantom of the Opera came on. It’s one of my favorite Broadway plays. I think I’ve seen it seven times, plus I have the DVDs of the movie and the stage play. It prompted me to make a Facebook post about the play, and many people responded with how much they, too, loved the story.

The Evolution of Shade

The creation of the primary character of Shade Medici was a collaborative effort. My friend Joanna had been a long-time fan fiction writer, who wrote with a group. She had a vision for a warrior vampire named Shade and had always wanted to work him into the fan fiction stories, but the group never felt there was a place for him. When she was encouraging me to write, and I had no idea what to write about, she suggested this character.

The Queen Takes Her Reign

Powerful King Shade Medici wants to expand his coven into the U.S. The Medici Queen proves she can hold her own beside her king, with an ability believed thought extinct. She also holds a power never seen in the vampire world. What will that mean to their kind? Not everyone is happy about the Medici plans to advance their hold on the States; namely, Max and his neighboring coven, and Rissa who’s envious of their lifestyle. Secrets will be revealed, old scores will be settled, and many will fall.

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Oh, Rissa…how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways! Rissa is the character you love to hate. She
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