The Bohannon Witches Duology

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International Bestselling Author Emily Bex

 explores the lives and provocative romances of the Medici vampires, led by

their warrior king, Shade Medici, in her epic six-book Medici Warrior series. 

Her second series, The Bohannon Witches Duology, releases in 2023, with the first book,

 Rhiannon's Circle, releasing March 14th, and follows the lives of a legendary coven, 

whose youngest sister, Eilish, pursues a forbidden romance with a vampire who must

help her gain her rightful role as High Priestess.

These books are intended for mature audiences only.​

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The Medici Warrior Series

The Bohannon Witches Duology

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Emily Bex is an avid life-long reader and a first-time writer of the epic six-book Medici Warrior Series. As she says, “Why start small?” She worked for over twenty years in marketing, developing ads and promotional literature. She figured if she could write creatively for marketing, then surely, she could write something about these characters rattling around inside her brain. She currently lives in Virginia but has used her extensive love of travel, both foreign and domestic, to create the backdrop for her characters to play out their story.

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Bohannon Sisters Cookbook

In The Bohannon Witches series, Emily Bex detailed what the sister witches were cooking up in the kitchen, which brought about the idea of this companion cookbook.

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