Oh my goodness! Where do I begin? So very much happens so quickly in this Vampire & Mortal romance. I love the characters especially Kate and her mate Master Shade Medici. He’s never ever met a woman who could tempt him and handle his beast especially not a mortal woman until he meets Kate his bel rosso. He calls her that because of her beautiful long red tresses. They become mated, and there’s Alec & Rissa who are vampires and seem to care about Shade , but they don’t believe a vampire belongs with a mortal. I can’t wait to start reading “The Turning: A Dark Vampire Romance ( The Medici Warrior Series Book 2 ) by Emily Bex. Thank you Emily Bex for writing this series, I’ve only read Book 1 so far but starting on Book 2 right after I send this review. I truly love the story and characters.